What is Percussive Therapy

Hi! We hope this article will help you learn more about percussion therapy and its benefits.

Percussive therapy uses fast, soft blows over a short amount of time to shock muscle fibers. The continuous taps help muscles let go of their tension so you can relax and heal. The vibrations go deep so they affect soft tissues deep inside your body. These soft tissues touch almost every part of your internal system, so the benefits are vast.

Extensive research on the benefits of percussion therapy has proven it to be 30% more efficient than the ordinary massage. This is due to the fact that percussion therapy shocks the muscle fibres surrounding the sore muscle tissue and therefore, the pulsing effect obtained through the vibrations reaches places where it is impossible for hands to reach with regular massage techniques.

Here’s what percussive therapy can do for you:


The continuous taps on the muscle fibre improve blood circulation and this helps the muscle recover much faster than usual. This happens because once the blood starts flowing more efficiently through the vascular system, so does the oxygen. A better oxygen flow through your body reduces muscle cramps and increases the healing and recovery process. This is a great way for you to get back to work quicker and with a much better feeling in your muscles, therefore achieving better results.


This benefit has to do with the drainage of the lymphatic system. The lymph travels through the muscular system in a similar manner in which the oxygen moves through the vascular system. Through percussion therapy you will increase your body’s ability to properly drain the lymph. This is important because by doing so, your organism will rid itself of toxins and waste. Once you do that, your organs will function and perform better and so, your immune system and metabolism will improve. This brings great advantages such as lowering the chances of catching a cold and weight loss.


If you feel a bit stiffen or uncomfortable, percussion therapy comes in really handy. The repeated taps on the muscle help stretch the muscle fibre and thus leading to greater flexibility. This has many positives outcomes such as lowering the risk of injury, reducing aches and pains in general and even better posture and increased strength. Pro tip: a little stretch in the morning with the help of a massage gun can go a long way for feeling better all throughout the day and being more productive!


Muscle hardness is one of the most common causes for muscle pain. This happens especially in periods of stress, when your brain sends signals to your muscles to tighten even when your not using them. It is very unpleasant and very difficult to get rid of it in a fast and efficient manner. Here’s where percussion therapy comes into play. Through applying constant pressure on the muscle with the help of a performant massage gun, the muscles will relax and the brain will stop sending that sort of information to the muscles.


Although percussive therapy can’t make cellulite disappear, it can really help in reducing the appearance of it. Cellulite appears on the body when fat cells gather around fibre tissues that connect to the muscle. Those fat cells are being pushed up to the surface and that’s when it creates that orange peel looking effect. Percussive therapy causes these fat cells to break apart, therefore making the affected area look smoother and without easily spotted flaws.


Apart from the benefits shown above, percussion therapy offers a wide range of overall health and wellness benefits, such as:

  • lowering blood pressure
  • better sleep
  • improving organ/tissue health
  • boosted digestion
  • balancing the nervous system

Percussive therapy done with the help of a massage gun or a percussive therapy device is the best way to aid your body in the process of recovery in terms of efficiency and time management. Check out our own OVEOFIT PD ONE and see if it is the right device for you!

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