Improve the way you train, move and live with the OVEOFIT PD ONE. Built and designed to perform at the highest standards demanded by professional athletes, this device can help everyone recover faster, get rid of muscle pain and soreness and simply improve their overall health and well-being. Enjoy all the benefits percussion therapy has to offer with the help of our easy to handle, lightweight and high-performing device.

249.99 199.99


249.99 199.99

What's included


• Protective Carrying Case

• 9 Massage Heads

• Power Adapter

• User Manual


Designed to perform


The brushless motor is specially engineered to deliver enough power to reach 50% deeper into the muscle than the average massager.


With a weight of only 1kg, you can easily reach different muscle groups and also, take it with you wherever you need it.


With its Li-Ion battery, you can use the device for up to 6 hours for one charge at maximum capacity.


We use premium ABS+PC materials that are not only lightweight, but also very resistant to shock and perfect for longtime usage.


The OVEOFIT PD ONE comes with a free carrying case so you can easily transport it and 9 different massage heads to maximize the efficiency of the device for each muscle group.

Massage Heads

Great for overall use. You can apply it on large and small muscle groups.

Specially designed for sensitive areas. You can apply it on wrists, ankles, knees, traps and all around the neck area.

Perfect for larger muscle groups. You can apply it on quads, hamstrings, back and chest.

Designed for more complex muscle groups. Apply it on trigger points found in glutes, hips, traps, shoulders etc.

Great for larger muscle groups. Apply it on biceps, forearms, calves and ankles (Achilles area).

Just like the regular ball massage head, it is perfect for overall use. Choose between these two, depending on your muscle size.

Great for overall use. You can apply it on large and small muscle groups.

Perfect for pinpoint muscle treatment. Apply it on trigger points, hands and feet included.

Perfect for decreasing the amount of lactic acid in the muscles. Apply it on shoulder blades, biceps, forearms, IT bands, quads and calves.

SIZE 17,4x6,8x23,6cm
BATTERY 2400mAh Li-Ion
WORKING TIME 6 hours/charge
CHARGING TIME 4 hours from 0% to 100%
5 SPEED LEVELS Level 1 - 1800rpm; Level 2 - 2400rpm; Level 3 - 2600rpm; Level 4 - 2800rpm; Level 5 - 3200rpm

1. Turn on the device by switching the button at the bottom of the handle.

2. Long press the power button once to turn device on to level one, each one more press of the button will increase the level position by 1. When it is on level 5, press the button to enter standby mode (level 0). To restart, wait 3 seconds and press the button to enter level 1, and repeat the previous steps.

3. In any gear, press long to enter standby mode.

4. In standby mode, long press can turn it off directly and it will be automatically turned off if there is no operation for 15 seconds.

5. Installation of the massage head: Rotate the massage head gently while pulling/loading. Do not pull/load directly!


1. Fully charge battery for up to 6 hours before first use of the device.

2. To charge, connect the DC end of the supplied charger to the battery’s charging port.

3. The LED light on the device flashes regularly, indicating the battery level, indicating that it is charging.

4. When the first indicator is on, the remaining capacity of the battery is 20% to 35%, when the second indicator light is on, the remaining capacity of the battery is 40% to 60%; when the third indicator light is on, the remaining capacity of the battery is 65-80%; when the the forth indicator light is on, the remaining capacity of the battery is 85-100%.

5. Battery may be recharged at any time and at any battery level. Do not use the device while charging.

6. The battery needs to be recharged when it runs out to less than 5%.



If within 1 year from the date of purchase the product fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will replace your product free of charge and you won’t have to wait for service. You will instantly recieve a brand new product, after we have checked that everything about the damaged product complies with our warranty conditions. Please keep in mind that the cost of shipping when you send the product for verification at our factory must be fully paid by you. If you want more details about the warranty, make sure to get in touch with our support team at [email protected]

This warranty excludes:

  •  Damage caused by accident, abuse, mishandling, or transport;
  • Units taken out of the Europe;
  • Units subjected to unauthorized repair;
  • Units not used in accordance with Oveofit care instructions;
  • Damage exceeding the cost of the product;
  • Deterioration of the delivered product resulting from abnormal storage and/or safeguarding conditions on the client’s premises;
  • Failure to provide the dated proof of purchase;
  • Products purchased from an unauthorized retailer.

6 reviews for OVEOFIT PD ONE

  1. Thomas

    Great value for money. I have a friend that uses a massage gun from Hyperice which is almost twice the price and you can’t tell the difference between the two, performance wise. I actually like the PD ONE’s design better. It’s an all around great product, at a fair price.

  2. Filipo

    Really, really helpful product! I got it just 2 days after placing my order and started using it right away. I’m in love with it, I never go to the gym without it. Totally recommend it!

  3. Marthe Weimann

    Just received my Oveofit PD ONE. It only took 2 business days for it to arrive, as advertised. At first glance, I can tell that it is a great product. The materials they used make the device very sturdy and reliable, whilst still being lightweight. I’ve already used it before and after a workout and it really makes a huge difference. I just felt better! In terms of money, I think 199€ is a fair price considering the quality of the device, the free express shipping and the accessories included. I’m really looking forward to see how it will behave throughout time. But so far, I’ll give it a 5 out of 5 stars review. Awesome product, guys!

  4. Christian

    This is the one! I was searching the internet for a massage gun that is quality built, lasts a long time for one charge, delivers great power and has an acceptable price. The Oveofit PD ONE ticks all the boxes for me. I ordered it straight away and received it after only 3 days. Now I use it every day, especially in the morning and after gym. I just love how I feel after using it! And it’s surprisingly silent and light for how powerful the motor is. I’m extremely pleased with my purchase!

  5. Matteo

    Finally a brand that delivers a high-end massage gun for an affordable price…This handy device looks and feels great. The only downside of this product is the charger, but it gets the job done. Highly recommend it!

  6. Thiago

    Best 199€ I’ve ever spent! This device gives me the boost I need to put in more work at the gym.

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